Bring the Blog

Welcome to Bring the Blog by MySMARTblog! Blogs are the hub of an effective social marketing strategy and we make the job easy. Every business day we post new, original content to your WordPress and/or Blogger blog with eye-catching graphics and trust-building copy. Blogging has never been simpler.


Spend More Time Selling

Writing good blog content takes time. A lot of it. So stop worrying about writing good content for your blog and let us do it for you. Bring the Blog is your in-the-field journalist. You're the expert Editor-In-Chief. You'll spend 5 minutes on your blog each day instead of 60.


No Long-Term Contracts

When you join Bring the Blog, you won't pay a stiff setup fee or sign a long-term contract. It's because we're pretty convinced that you'll love us once you get to know us. It's also why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Cancel anytime and you'll owe us nothing. No questions asked.


Top Features

Original Content Only

Bring the Blog content is 100% home-grown and original. Our bloggers are protected from copyright infringement and from ethical blogging violations.

New Content Daily

If you're not providing fresh and relevant content daily, your clients will get it from someone else. A blog that's updated daily helps build a fence around your database.

Autopost To WordPress

Bring the Blog posts direct to your WordPress blogs, providing content, categories, tags, and a title. Take your posts in "Draft" mode, or have them publish live. Requires Wordpress version 2.9 or up.

Need Help?

Don't have a WordPress blog? Click Here and take a look at our packages if you'd like us to set one up for you, or email us here.


Steve Levitt, Guaranteed Rate

The feedback I receive from my clients and referral partners has been extremely positive, and I have secured additional deals from the credibility my blog provides. Bring the Blog is by far the most cost-effective informational marketing strategy I have ever implemented.

Ben Barber, Chicago Bancorp

I spent thousands a year on other web-based marketing tools -- then I scrapped it all for Bring the Blog. It's my anchor for a more dynamic, relevant and timely web presence. Bring the Blog boosted my status from "mortgage guy" to "trusted advisor" among my clients and prospects.

David Kosmecki, Guaranteed Rate

I want to thank Bring the Blog for all they do. I've have the blog service for a couple of years. What I've found is that different age groups need to be communicated in different ways. The blog service has become a valuable part of my communication just like my mailed and emailed communication as well as my YouTube channel.

Phil Hughes, Catalyst Lending

Bring the Blog has been a wonderful business addition. The content is so interesting and accurate that I enjoy reading it myself and sharing it with my referral sources. I would encourage anyone who is serious about enhancing their image as a mortgage professional to use this great service.

James K Barath, GVC Mortgage

If you want to distinguish yourself from your peers, Bring the Blog is your fast track. Bring the Blog has empowered me as a Certified Mortgage Planner to deliver real-time industry specific content so as to engage and retain my mortgage clients and referral partners.